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We are an oasis in the desert of ineffective healthcare. We know that safe and lasting solutions are hard to come by, and that most things you’ve tried have probably failed. At Engedi, we understand why this is happening and offer effective strategies to actually make a difference in your health. We’re here to empower you with mastery of the healing solutions you need, so you can move past symptom management, and leap into genuine healing.

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Elevate your HEALTH

Holistic Care

Our natural, multi-therapy approach constantly adapts as we work with you to create comprehensive care plans that are custom fit for your needs. Holistic therapies provide incredible flexibility while optimizing results without the risks of pharmaceuticals.

Empowered Coaching

We believe that wisdom is powerful, and that providers shouldn’t keep it to themselves. We not only walk you through the healing process, we teach it TO YOU so that you can become masters of your health and well-being for life.

Cellular Revival

The cycle ends here! Stop wasting time and money on surface level methods that don’t work and only manage symptoms. Get real answers, and see deeply rooted change in your health.

Lasting Results

We’ll hand you the keys to lasting wellness, empowering your family for generations. Real breakthrough is attainable when you get to the source!

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take back your
family's health

Mastering the art of cellular healing is like opening up a freshwater spring in the desert. We empower your family with little known but powerful tools; combining our extensive expertise in detox, biohacking, nutrition, cellular healing, herbs, and functional medicine in a way you’ve never experienced before. There’s no need to keep waiting around for answers or wasting energy on ineffective solutions; we guarantee results!

No band aids, no B.S. just real cellular breakthrough. Reclaim your family’s autonomy, power, and health today.

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where cellular revival

meets lasting vitality.

“Kelsey's passion for healing comes out in her commitment to skillfully provide the correct remedy. She is compassionate and generous with her expertise in herbs and cellular healing."

— Hollie, Mom of 5

“I was shocked when I realized I hadn't taken Ibuprofen in weeks. I was taking a LOT just to get life lived.”

— Vee, Mom, Singer/Songwriter Office Manager

“Kelsey's attention to detail and extensive knowledge have finally put me on the road to recovery. She has given me hope that my body can heal.”

— Talitha, College Student

how we can help



Watch your child transform as you help their body and brain to heal. Our comprehesive Cellular Revival program, guided by our cellular healing + detox expert, enhances your child's well-being from gut to brain like you never thought was possible.


If you feel sick of the lack of solutions for your child, know it doesn't have to be this way. We specialize in helping children who are disengaged or struggling with their brain health so that they can enjoy a full and balanced life without being stuck taking toxic medications.


We help you restore your body's immune function by rooting out the cause of illness and implementing deep cellular healing techniques. Increase your resiliency and get back to living.


Prepare for a thriving pregnancy – our tailored pre-conception services empower you to create a strong foundation for a healthy and joyful parenthood.


We believe you were meant for motherhood. Let us help you restore your natural fertility with our personalized, natural, and comprehensive program designed for you AND baby...because you both deserve the best.
toxic injuries & more...

toxic injuries & more...

Our comprehensive programs provide solutions for a diverse range of health problems, including those stemming from heavy metals, pathogens, or mold. Of you don't see something listed, reach out. We can help!
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the solution awaits, and it's yours to embrace.

We understand the frustration of seeking answers from multiple specialists without relief. Whether it's infertility, your child's behavioral issues, or unexplained health struggles, your journey to breakthrough starts here.

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