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Done With Symptom Management. 

The secret to lasting healing is in the cell.

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My name is Kelsey and I'm here to help you get the healing breakthrough you NEED. I have been working in holistic and natural healthcare for the last 13 years as a midwife and master herbalist. Dedicated to families, I have watched more and and more clients struggle with their health despite incredible efforts to live and eat clean. It seems like no matter how many of the 'right' things they tried, they would only achieve temporary results and could never get truly and deeply to the source. Pregnancy and parenting was extremely difficult as they struggled with energy, thyroid, brain fog, gut issues, and chronic pain. Our children are being stolen from us; sometimes it's infertility, and sometimes it's unexplained behavioral issues, gut disturbances, autism, and extreme sensitivities. Our world offers virtually no solutions - only band-aids to cover up symptoms. Many of my clients have seen multiple doctors, naturopaths, and specialists, spending thousands and feeling little to no different. I've watched women who long to conceive a baby spend tens of thousands on specialists and IVF. Despite their incredible efforts, pregnancy still evaded them- until they got to the source.

Motivated to find natural and safe solutions that I could deliver, I began a research project on cellular health and gene expression. During that time I discovered True Cellular Detox and Dr. Pompa's work. I immediately knew that this was the key I was looking for and certified with his team. With True Cellular Detox we can get to the root of the issue, remove it, and achieve lasting and miraculous results that lead to true breakthrough. 

I am so humbled and excited to have the opportunity to walk this journey into breakthrough with you. You and your family have an incredible purpose in this world, and it's desperately needed! Don’t let your health be a hindrance to your purpose any longer; there is a solution, and it's yours if you choose it.

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If you are here, then you know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and exhausted. Despite significant effort you still experience things like:

-Infertility + loss

-Abnormal cycles (women)

-Pregnancy brain (that doesn't go away!)

-Inability to lose weight

-Thyroid issues


-Anxiety + Depression + Mood disorders 

-Chronic Pain

-Chronic infections like yeast or others

-Eczema or other rashes

-Migraines + Headaches

-Brain fog 


-Food sensitivities and allergies 

-Leaky gut, SIBO, etc.


-Autsim or other Spectrum disorders


It's NOT your fault, and there IS a solution for you and your loved ones.

Maybe you've done all the tests, but still have no answers. You've probably done all the diets, taken multiple medications, and tried all the supplements but never saw the true breakthrough you hoped for.

You just want to know why this is happening and what you can do to get well, to lose weight, to stop the pain, to have peace, to get pregnant, to feel better.

If you are a parent, you just want your child back.

There are answers, and there is a way to healing. You CAN get to the bottom of it and STOP SPENDING THOUSANDS JUST MANAGING SYMPTOMS.

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There is healing in the Desert.

Work with me for a safe, effective, and lasting solution. You are the master of your own health; master TRUE detox, and you will get it back.

 True detox removes the source of all these unexplained illnesses. This is the solution to resolving anxiety, losing weight, healing your thyroid, healing blood sugars, chronic and unexplained pain, healing your gut, and getting your kids back.   

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Let's get your breakthrough. 

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