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Our unique, holistic approach to cellular healing equips you with the tools you and your loved ones need to achieve true healing. Empower yourself with health solutions that work, and results that last generations.

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meet kelsey

Kelsey, a seasoned midwife, master herbalist, and cellular healing detox expert, has devoted the majority of her adult life to empowering families and guiding parents through various stages - from pre-conception planning to pregnancy, birth, and early childhood. As the founder of Bravely Born in Bend, OR, she serves as a senior midwife, specializing in empowering women to have remarkable birth experiences.

Her extensive experience in natural, holistic healing has led her to create empowering solutions for clients to take control of their health. Recognizing the limitations of modern medicine, Kelsey has remained committed to offering care that gets to the source; reaching far beyond symptom management. Her journey into cellular healing began as she dove deep into the art of detox and discovered its profound impact on addressing the true sources of health challenges. With a personal success story of reversing her own auto-immunity and addressing her children's challenges including Lyme disease and toxic illness, Kelsey is passionate about equipping parents to achieve true wellness and instill the mastery of cellular healing in their children.

On a mission to share this vital information, she aims to empower her clients to become masters of their own cellular health. She's committed to offering effective solutions for those facing challenges like infertility, ADD/ADHD, autism, PANS, anxiety, toxic injuries, and more. She knows the pain of failed attempts, and is here to help families get on the right path to success.

“Kelsey's passion for healing comes out in her commitment to skillfully provide the correct remedy. She is compassionate and generous with her expertise in herbs and cellular healing."

— Hollie, Mom of 5

“I was shocked when I realized I hadn't taken Ibuprofen in weeks. I was taking a LOT just to get life lived.”

— Vee, Mom, Singer/Songwriter Office Manager

“Kelsey's attention to detail and extensive knowledge have finally put me on the road to recovery. She has given me hope that my body can heal.”

— Talitha, College Student

Our commitment

Kelsey and her team are dedicated to guiding families on a transformative journey to regain command over their health. By empowering clients to proactively manage their well-being, Engedi Wellness instills a sense of resilience and self-efficacy, fostering a community where families not only overcome immediate health challenges but also gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate their ongoing wellness journey with informed choices and lasting vitality.

Engedi Wellness equips families with both knowledge and practical tools to address the root causes of health challenges, steering away from mere symptom management towards enduring healing.

With a commitment to wellness for both parents and children, Engedi Wellness endeavors to empower families to architect their own journey towards vibrant and lasting health.

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We're committed to working together to uncover the true source of your health issue. Guiding you through the process, we will teach you mastery of natural solutions that get to the source; ensuring the results you need.