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Kelsey Spanbauer 

Healing Begins Here


Hello! my name is Kelsey. I am a midwife, master herbalist, and cellular healing health coach. I have dedicated most of my adult life to working with families and supporting parents from pre-conception planning, pregnancy, birth, and through the early years of parenting. I founded Bravely Born in Bend, OR, and still practice there as senior midwife where we specialize in empowering women to have incredible birth experiences. Bravely Born offers a custom apothecary and truly holisitc care for newborns, infants, children, and families at our clinic in Oregon.

Early in my career I mastered the ins and outs of natural, holistic remedies and began teaching clients how to take charge of their own health. I mastered my craft in midwifery, and can tell you the limitations of most modern 'healing' methods are significant. People are needing more support to be well now than ever before. I have watched my clients have incredible results within our wellness programs. Many had spent thousands on naturopaths, doctors, and supplements and never saw results until working with us. However, going as deep as we could most people still needed to be on maintenance plans in order to maintain results. I didn't want to help my clients manage symptoms, or be stuck on life-long maintenance plans. I was desperate to find the real source that led to lasting healing. How could I help clients unlock their body's innate wisdom to heal? My journey to cellular healing began here. 

As I learned more about detox and the toxins that are the TRUE source for many of the issues my clients faced, I began to have more success in my own healing. With this new knowledge I reversed my own leaky gut, and eliminated dozens of my own child's food sensitivities. When one of my children had a nasty encounter with a tick, I had the confidence to address the signs pointing to a chronic Lymes infection in a way that I knew would work. Detox is an incredibly important, life-giving part of my own journey; and I wouldn't feel fully equipped as a parent without it. I am here to equip parents to be well themselves; and to teach their children the mastery of detox. 

Most doctors have no clue how to detox properly, or what it even is, and meanwhile most people suffering from infertility, pregnancy loss, anxiety, depression, brain fog, thyroid problems, weight gain, and who have children with health challenges will spend thousands of dollars and endless hours of effort managing symptoms without getting the results they really want. I feel called to share this information with anyone who is suffering- and make them masters of their own detox. 

I will teach you to master your own detox; forever changing the narrative for you and your children. You were never meant to be stuck here. Let's get breakthrough together!

Here's what some of my clients say about working with me:

Engedi Wellness

“Kelsey's passion for healing comes out in her commitment to skillfully provide the correct remedy. She is compassionate and generous with her expertise in herbs and cellular healing.”

Mom of 5

Engedi Wellness

“I was shocked when I realized I hadn't taken Ibuprofen in weeks. I was taking a LOT just to get life lived.”

Mom, Singer/Songwriter Office Manager

Engedi Wellness

“Kelsey's attention to detail and extensive knowledge have finally put me on the road to recovery. She has given me hope that my body can heal.”

College Student

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