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Our comprehensive programs provide solutions for a diverse range of health problems, including those stemming from heavy metals, pathogens, or mold. Of you don't see something listed, reach out. We can help!

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"Kelsey is our go-to for health and wellness support for both our baby and pre-schooler. Whether it’s support with newborn care, breastfeeding challenges, respiratory illness, allergies, digestive issues, detox support, falls and injuries — or anything inbetween — Kelsey provides attentive loving care & offers individualized tailored herbal support and truly holistic advice that intuitively aligns with my mama intuition every time. So so grateful and blessed to have Kelsey in our corner during this journey of raising our children."
- Dr. Sarah and Dr. David
"Kelsey has changed our son’s life!!! Her holistic approach to care addresses every aspect of life and gets to the root of the issue. Our son had been in and out of the ER for almost a year and a half with severe abdominal pain. No one could figure out what was going on with him and we were on the fast track to OHSU until our chiropractor recommended that we try Kelsey first. After about a week on Kelsey’s plan, Noah started showing huge improvement and has been pain-free for the last few months. We can’t thank her enough for all she has done for our family. Her and her staff are the most kind and compassionate people we have ever met, and they truly care about their patients."
- Tabitha M.
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We understand the frustration of seeking answers from multiple specialists without relief. Whether it's infertility, behavioral issues, or unexplained health struggles, your journey to breakthrough starts here.

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