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Open the door to your healthiest pregnancy.

Bad hormones are not the cause of infertility, they are a symptom of a bigger problem. Find out why Cellular Healing can increase your chance of pregnancy  more than any other treatment. 

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You desperately want to have a baby but don't know where to start. You don't want to spend tens of thousands on painful, grueling treatments that might now work and you're worried that you'll never find the answers you need. You don't know who you can trust and just wish your fertility would return.


You are not alone, and it isn't your fault. The problem is hiding in your cells. 


With over a decade of midwifery experience, I can tell you there is a way. You don’t have to spend tens of thousand on IVF. The answer you want is hiding in your cells. I can help you find it, and walk you step by step through the healing process. You can restore your natural fertility, balance your hormones, feel energized, and open the possibility of pregnancy

Expensive hormone treatments or IVF may seem like the only road to success- but they aren't. In fact,  those treatments often don't work. Conventional fertility treatments are still focused on managing symptoms, not getting to the source of the problem and allowing the body to truly heal and open for pregnancy. This is completely different. find out how by booking a call here, or keep reading.

Healing your cells can restore hormonal balance and increase fertility:

The body is really wise, and it wants to heal. You CAN heal your cells and restore your natural fertility.

Here's Why:

  • When our cells become overburdened with toxins they stop producing energy the way they are supposed to. The body knows it can't energetically support a pregnancy; it's too busy surviving. Detox reduces the toxic load and allows the body to send energy to other non-survival tasks like fertility and conception. 
  • Toxins take over the membrane receptors on our cells that receive hormones and their signals. Even if your labs look perfectly normal (AKA the dutch test, progesterone, etc.), your hormones and their signals might not make it into the cells; causing huge imbalance and eventually total dysfunction. If the cells can't receive hormone signals, hormone therapy won't work. Healing the cells allows them to receive hormones how they are meant to. 
  • Hidden infections, stress, and toxins are the reason for most hormone problems. Things like heavy metals, mold, and other infections can hide in deep parts of your body (they especially love the brain) and you may have little to no symptoms that they are there for a long time. Infertility is a symptom of hidden toxins; not bad hormones.  You were meant to conceive and have healthy pregnancy. What's in the way?  Cellular healing and detox helps remove all hidden infections and toxins so that your body can do what it's supposed to: heal, clean up your DNA, and reproduce. Whatever your path forward, healing and nurturing your cells is the best thing you can do for yourself and future baby when planning a pregnancy. 
  • Toxins and some types of infections pass from mother to baby during pregnancy. Clearing your own body before conception reduces the toxic load your baby experiences as they begin life. That means your baby will have less inflammation, sensitivity, illness, chronic disease and optimized DNA expression! Share your health with your baby, not your toxins.  
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You are not broken, you can restore your health and open the doors to fertility.

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Mama A - Boy mom with one on the way

“ Kelsey is gifted in what she does and has an incredible intuition for what is going on and what we should do next. She was made for this. Hands down, the best midwife. ”

Boy mom with one on the way

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-Mama S - Happy Mama

“Kelsey is incredibly knowledgable, rightly confident in her abilities, and humble... I have never felt so empowered.”

Happy Mama

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“This is midwifery done with love and with integrity ”

Happy Mama

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Mama S - Mama of 3 with one on the way

“Kelsey is intuitive, efficient, and compassionate — not to mention incredibly knowledgeable and skillful.”

Mama of 3 with one on the way